An Easy Guide for Basic Pool Liner Repair

Before you enter into a panicked state, become stressed or feel your blood pressure rising, you should know that basic pool liner repair is a lot simpler than you’re probably imagining. An acquired imperfection does not necessarily mean that you need a new liner and it certainly doesn’t meant that you need to hire someone to come fix the problem; many concerns can be addressed by you.


This is a common reason why many people find themselves seeking information on basic pool liner repair. Although most liners are resistant to punctures, many are only 20 mil thick unless you opted for a heavy-duty option. This means that with time, the liner will lose its resiliency and small holes can occur.

If you notice the leak early enough, all you have to do is buy a vinyl liner patch kit and follow the instructions printed on the package. No, you don’t have to empty all the water if the leak is deep; there are wet patch kits available too.

You may be surprised at just how easy it is to complete a basic pool liner repair. It is important to note that as a rule, rips and holes that are larger than one or two inches need to be repaired on both sides to offer the most support. If the hole is quite large and it’s underwater, you can use a wet repair kit but dry methods are recommended for flaws of significant size.


While some do not consider fading to be a cause for concern, it actually is. The sun and chemicals both play huge roles in the appearance of your pool liner which ultimately reflects on the aesthetic of your outdoor living space. To reduce further fading, avoid chemicals that offer high concentrations as they remove plasticizers. That’s right, not only does a fading liner look bad, it is constantly weakening because it’s lost its resiliency. In no time at all, you will be looking for basic pool liner repair tips for holes and rips.

A solar cover can be helpful in extending the life of your pool. The good news is that modern liners are typically created with a more durable chemical makeup that is resistant to problems caused by the sun, algae or chemicals.

Improper Fit

This is a common concern with those who have recently replaced their liner with one that didn’t provide a perfect fit. Liners should fit your pool precisely; if it’s too large, small or was installed off-center, you are going to have a problem with the bead coming off the track.

You may be surprised that this is a basic pool liner repair that you can handle yourself as well. You basically just need to stretch the liner so the bead is back on track. This can be done with the heat from hot water or a hair dryer. If you use a hairdryer, please do not stand in water when using it and do not reach to grab it if you drop it. Take proper precautions to not electrocute yourself.

It typically takes a lot of tugging and elbow grease to get it in place. When you do get it there, use a liner lock to keep it there so you won’t have to deal with this repair again.


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